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. on the "newshour" this wednesday: the lead story: president obama and other world leaders address the u.n. general assembly. margaret warner is in new york. >> warner: the president said other countries should step up to the plate to help the world deal with issues like nuclear weapons, climate change and global poverty. >> lehrer: then, come the other news of the day, including a report on the orange cloud of dust enveloping parts of australia. a paul solman preview of the economic summit in pittsburgh beginning tomorrow. a gwen ifill debate on state secrets and re-authorizing the patriot act. and a jeffrey brown look at overdraft fees for debit cards. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> tiny little thing, it's just... not big. ah... okay, i found it. ( cheers and applause ) okay. >> we are intel, sponsors of tomorrow. >> 150 years of financial strength and the experience of an established investment firm have come together. wachovia securities is now wells fargo advisors. the financial advisors nearby and nationwide. with the advice and planning expertise to help yo
that the resolution the other day at the u.n. was toothless. look, i was going to come to his defense until you started this. >> this is part of a needed multi-facetted approach. we have the resolution. now we can have sanctions. at the heart in the near term, this meeting in geneva aside, this real rally shows the key problem. this is a specific grotesque act of noncompliance. what are you going to do? one thing that might be on the table, for all the oil they ship out they still bring back, they import a lot of refined petroleum products. if you want to get tough economically and hurt them, really get -- when it comes to that -- >> is that freaky shirt of yours your answer to the nuclear bomb? >> no this is from the tony blankly memorial collection. thank you very much. >> tony, we love you. on obama's u.n. ratcheting up the pressure on iran, give him a grade on this. >> the way we handle this and dropping the hammer on these guys at this time, i give him an a. they handled it well. i hope it's true that what they are saying is this is weapons grade material, but it does raise the question, w
broadcast to our viewers on pbs. the u.n. chief sees the melting glaciers for himself. an italian films make way for the venice a film festival. bbc news has learned that a major british metal company is amongst those buying millions of pounds of minerals from a firm which has been blacklisted by the u.n. and the minerals are used in the manufacture of mobile phones are from mines in the eastern congo which are controlled by the militia. they have been blamed for killing in recent years. it is not illegal but there are fears that the trade could be fueling conflict in the region. >> tucked away in the thick forests, we spot mines. mines that produce millions of pounds worth of minerals to prop up the international electronics industries thousands of miles away from here. we set out to discover the human cost of this trade. this is the only way to reach the remote area. it is difficult terrain, few foreigners come this far. essentially we come to a pit where men dig for the vital ingredients for mobile phones. instead of keeping with a fine, they're at the mercy of the men with guns. -- inste
nations. ack to tat crazy lead earths at the u.n. >> the u.n., danger posed by climate change cannot be denied. loses out to coverage of the crazies and the celebrities and their secrets. do we really need to know? do we really need to know? details next on new [ female an] olay regenerist is on a roll. new anti-aging eye roller. reduces puffiness immediately -- and also helps with lines and wrinkles. not surgery. this is our way to do your eyes. new regenerist anti-aging eye roller. dominates heartburn. 24/7... including the eight hours you spend with your eyes closed. prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on. the next generation of brink's home security. call now. >> the u.n. general assembly >> the u.n. general assembly was in session with world leaders coming together to focus on serious topics. along with the serious came the silly which of course drew the media's attention. case in point moammar qaddafi, ahmadinejad and venezuela's hugo chavez. the late night comedians also took note of the nuttiness. >> qaddafi went over 90 minutes. i think he was supposed to speak for 15 minut
times in one day, then off to new york to do more television at the u.n., then off to the g-20 for more television. is this good? does he just like being on television? >> isn't it wonderful to be young and energetic? >> i seem to recall that. >> the president feels he is really his best communicator and he has a lot to communicate these days. going from the u.n. to the g-20 is something he's got to do because the world is on his shoulders. what you saw really at the u.n. was the -- where the ethereal eloquence met the down to earth action needed in so many areas. >> imperial eloquence, and nice -- what does it mean, linda? >> it isn't the way he has of speaking that engages -- it is the way he has of speaking that engages the world and makes them a lot. but at the same time we have down to earth problems that need action. the u.n. was a case in point of where you got a president who says, we are changing, we have changed, we are not going to go it alone as the former administration did. we need you to come along. are other countries going to come along? >> but domestically he's got to
. iran is breaking news that all nations must follow. >> a fresh start said the u.n. the u.n. promises a new era with the rest of the world. >> an aids breakthrough. for the first time, an speermental vaccine shows promise in blocking the virus. >> renault punished for -- >> and a treasure tro welcome -- trove providing a gleaming link to the past. >> hello and welcome to "this week." a review of the major news stories seen here on bbc news over the past seven days. this week world leaders met at the g-20 summit to set up actions on global warming and measures to counter the recession. but as the week progressed, nuclear proliferation became the dominant issue. the world's top economic powers gave iran an ultimatum to stop producing uranium or face sanctions. there was confirmation to the u.n. that iran has a sec nuclear plant. the iranian president said the plant was no secret. our reporter from the g-20 summit in pittsburgh. >> this is what it is all about. the missiles, and the country bent on becoming a nuclear power capable of dealing in mass destruction, something they deny. now
? >>> libya's leader at the u.n. for the first time. complaining about jet lag. and even calling president obama his son. >>> and the first to go. a career on the dance floor doesn't last long, as two stars get their walking papers. >>> it's thursday, september get their walking papers. >>> it's thursday, september 24th, 2009. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning. i'm eric horng, in for jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm vinita hire. president obama's week of high-level diplomacy is far from over. >> this afternoon, he'll work to right the global economy. >> john hendren has all the details from washington. john, certainly another very busy day for the president. >> reporter: it is, indeed, vinita and eric. today, president obama goes from one gathering of world leaders to another. from the u.n. in new york, to a meeting of world financial leaders in pittsburgh. today, president obama warns heads of state of the growing peril of nuclear proliferation. >> if we fail to act, we will invite nuclear arms races in every region. and the prospect of wars and acts of terror on a scale that
, and we have ross, where apparently the tent is, for now. ron, what is going on u.n.? >> reporter: we expect the president to be here to speak in half an hour, dylan. it will be different from when president bush was here. president bush had a welcome at the u.n. because of the iraq war. the president will strike a different tone. or try to. i think the key word is engagement. and we have a graphic that shows the president and what he will say. he will talk about what he calls the new era of engagement with the world. now it's time to take on our share of responsibility. and the president spoke last night at an event by former bill president clinton. here and what president obama had to say. >> just as no nation can wallet se -- wall itself off from the world, no nation can meet the challenges alone. >> nuclear proliferation -- or nonnuclear proliferation i should say, could make for interesting theater. >> from the u.n. to the venue for the tent, or the current tent venue, bedford, new york. what is going on, jeff? >> reporter: ron allen mentioned political they're tater. gadhafi set
in the world. >> couric: finally tonight, with so many foreign dignitaries at the u.n. this week, keeping them safe was a monumental task and not for the faint of heart. our chief investigative correspondent armen keteyian got an exclusive look at how it's done when he road along with agents from the state department. >> reporter: moments before dawn monday morning, a 14-car motorcade road through the streets of manhattan. shift leader john carrake quarter backing every move. the principal inside a bubble, protected by very special agents from diplomatic security. today's financial destination, a hotel near the u.n. the d .s . agent in charge, chad chesley shadowing the subject as he emerged from anor mortar plated limousine. it's palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas, the controversial leader with no shortage of enemies and at least two assassination attempts already on his life. >> you are constantly play ago mental chess game, if you will. you have to be two, three, four, and sometimes five steps ahead of where you actually are. >> who was that white van? we're looking for what does
at the u.n. general assembly. he will say america needs more help from other nations to tackle the world's problems. australia as you have never seen it before as a mass of dust storm brings color and chaos to sydney and brisbane. the proposed president of honduras -- deposed president says he must accept fresh elections. the debt collector calls -- debt collector calls. house african businesses are cracking down on those who don't pay their bills. and more than just a wall ornament. prince william tells us how he wants a hands-on approach to his will duties. -- royal duties. it is midday here in london and 7:00 a.m. in new york where in just over an hour barack obama will address the u.n. general assembly for the first time. it is pressed -- message, america can't solve the world's problems on its own. partly than a recognition that the world's only superpower does have its limitation but also assigned the new administration, unlike its predecessor, does want to work multilaterally. how does the message go down with other nations, not least the which of iran, north korea? analysis in a
tonight, world stage. president obama makes his u.n. debut with a call for a new era in global relations. while libyan leader gadhafi makes his debut with a 90-minute rant. >>> flu frenzy. hospitals forced to put up tents as emergency rooms are overwhelmed with patients suffering from the h1n1 flu. >>> sex and lines. russia tries to compromise a u.s. diplomat with what he says is a doctored video tape. >>> and this just in. a startling discovery on the >>> and this just in. a startling discovery on the moon. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. it was, to say the least, a peculiar sequence. first at the united tions today, president obama, using his first appearance there to declare an end to the bush administration foreign policy. as a result, he said, the u.s. can no longer be blamed for all the world's troubles, nor can it be expected to solve them alone. and then, talk about contrast. next to address the general assembly was moammar gadhafi, with a tie raid, at times, almost incomprehenble that lasted an hour and a half. we start with the president's appearance,
> thisorning on "early today," world stage. president obama prepares for his first address to the u.n. general assembly. >>> amazing escape. a yung girl in washington state is nearly crushed by careening vehicle. >>> and sydney stand still. an epic dust storm blankets eastern australia in a cloud of an epic dust storm blankets eastern australia in a cloud of red. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm christina brown. >>> today we begin with addressing the world. this morning president obama will speak to more than 100 foreign leaders gathered at the united nations general assembly some new york city. it marks his first major address to the world body, and there is certainly no shortage of topics for him to tackle. nbc's michelle franzen is live outside the u.n. this morning for an early look at the day ahead. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: good morning, christina. it has already been a whirl wind visit for president obama here in new york, full of high-level talks and a few speeches. but today will be his biggest, and the world will be lis
for the world to move in a new direction. president >> obama goes to the u.n. -- >> president obama goes to the u.n. general assembly. >> i am not delaying, i am making an extremely important point. >> it is an important point, but you are also delaying. >> i am pleased to appoint paul kirk as the interim united states senator from massachusetts. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> welcome to "insider washington." i'm mark shields, sitting in for bordon peterson, who will be back next week. "the washington post" scored a scoop of the week with bob woodward's story that general stanley mcchrystal thinks that the united states needs more troops in afghanistan to keep the mission from failing. >> if the president does not come to a decision soon, what will happen is we will miss the window of getting more troops into the theater as the spring t hawo occurs when, more troops will be necessary. >> the leak of the report is seen as response to the president's perceived reluctance to send more troops to afghanistan. will this pressure the president to send more
reports on the uproar. he filed his report late last night. >> reporter: the searing u.n. investigation pulls no punches and accuses both sides of committing actions amounting to war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity, too. the 22-day offensive in gaza that israel called "operation cast lead" killed 1400 palestinians and 13 israelis. hamas rockets from gaza constituted indiscriminate and deliberate attacks on israeli civilians, the u.n. fact finding mission concluded. israel, accused of directing its military operation at the people of gaza, of the direct targeting and arbitrary killing of civilians, the wanton destruction of property. the former chief prosecutor from two u.n. criminal tribunals for the former yugoslavia and for rwanda led the four-man investigation mission. this afternoon in new york judge richard goldstone of south africa presented the findings of his 574-page report. >> there is strong evidence to establish that numerous serious violations of international law, both humanitarian and human rights law, were committed by israel during the military operatio in g
given the president too much for too little? then the world's leaders and jokers converge on the u.n. as the new york press go to town. all next on news watch. . >> rick: the obama tv blitz started with the sunday talk shows appearing on five networks, but not fox. then on monday, looking for a different audience, he stopped by the late show with david letterman for a few laughs, letterman scored his best ratings in four years with the president in the chair. tuesday, mr. obama took a serious note and joined former president bill clinton to kick off the fifth annual clinton global initiative. on weapons he was off to the united nations for the speech in front of the general assembly where he addressed global leaders and tackled issues like climate change. on thursday, the president then headed the security council as chairman, delivering a stirring speech to that group about nuclear proliferation. and then off to pittsburgh for the g-20 summit to focus on world economic issues. some see it as a week long obama-thon, the media in step with the president's every move. is it too much?
. president obama today told the u.n. general assembly here that america is seeking new engamement with the world, to find a global response to global challenges. senior white house correspondent major garrett reports on a speech that was heavy on criticism, including some of the united states. >> president obama's first speech to the united nations general assembly openly acknowledged past grievances against the bush white house >> but added the days of reflective anti-americannism in the world body must end. >> after all, it is easy to walk up to this podium and point fingers and stoke divisions. anybody can do that. responsibility and leadership in the 21st century demand more. >> to a degree, mr. obama legitimized anti-bush sentiments. >> part of this was due to opposition to specific policies, and a belief that on certain critical issues america had acted unilaterally without regard for the interests are of others. >> then mr. obama appealed for new diplomatic cooperation based on his moves to ban torture, reduce greenhouse gases, p pursue middle east peace and address world h
challenges. >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, before iran's president addresses the u.n., he talked exclusively to cbs news. and we challenged him on his denial of the holocaust. mr. president, is this photo fabricated? is this photo a lie? the flu times two. long lines for seasonal flu shots, e.r.s overflowing with children fighting h1n1. and how to turn an economy around. why the world will be looking to pittsburgh. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. president obama says we have reached a pivotal moment. in his u.n. debut today, he challenged the world to work together to solve the problems facing all of us. and in a break with the "go it alone policies" of his predecessor, he says the united states is ready to began new chapter of international cooperation. chip reid is at the u.n. tonight. chip, how did the president try to convince the world community it needs to pitch in? >> reporter: well, katie, he did it partly a stern lecture and partly by pleading for help. he said the united states cannot solve
handshakes from israeli and palestinian leaders at the u.n. general assembly? after the car crash, the trout. renault in the dark after forming one pause a worst case of cheating. a president celebrates three full decades in power, to whose benefit? he was one of america's greatest musical figures and she was his protege, a conductor leading a tribute to leonard bernstein. it is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london and half past three and afghan capital kabul with the situation in the war against the taliban serious and will grow worse unless yet more coalition troops are deployed. that at least is the opinion of the top u.s. and nato commander in afghanistan, general stanley mcchrystal. he said resources won't necessarily win the war but under resources may well be result in failure. the support has been submitted to washington but it does not specify the number of extra troops required. in a moment we will be live in kabul. first, mike will rich. >> general mcchrystal was charged with providing new thinking in president obama's strategy. with international forces experiencing the dead
, pete, for the latest on that developmenting story. >>> also today the u.n. security council voted unanimously. open to talk with all marties but will rogue nations like iran and north korea really comply and with us now senator bob casey and he serves as both the foreign relation and health committee. thank you, senator, for joining us today. >> thank you, good to be with you. >> what is your reaction to the president and member of the u.n. security council and standing strong and really seemingly wanting to step up the effort here. >> i think it's critically important to follow the president's lead here where he's xwin very aggressive about making sure the disarmorment is part going forward and working in conjunction with countries across the world. our allies and others. this threat remains and we have to be vigilant and we have to have a strategy in place to make sure that when it comes to proliferation of nuclear weapons that we're focusesed very intensively on making sure that we can limit and control that proliferation and we don't have it right yet. we have a ways to go. >>
first speech to the u.n. today. >> make no mistake. this cannot solely be america's endeavor. those used to chastise america for acting alone in the world cannot stand by and wait for america to solve the world problems alone. we have sought in word and deed a new era of engagement with the world, and now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenge. greta: libyan dictator muammar qaddafi spoke for more than 90 minutes. >> the iraqis want to have a civil war. if the taliban becomes an government, they would have a nuclear weapon, or they have ballistic missiles, or those airplanes that hit new york. the same place. do the airplanes take off from afghanistan or iran? no, these planes were nj of kennedy airport. greta: -- these airplanes were at jfk airport. greta: donald trump has been getting hammered for letting muammar qaddafi use his property, and now, that plan has been scratched, and the town ordered the tens taken down. former ambassador john bolton joins us -- and the town ordered the tent taken down. they were talking and
. >> nuclear chiefs say u.n. inspectors can look at the facility but not when. that is not good enough for the president. the obama administration want to look inside of the new facility soon as possible. president obama is not the only one whose patients are running short. prime minister netanyahu talked to house speaker nancy pelosi and he said the time to take action on ran and that is now. hi, julie? >> gaining immediate access to the nuclear site is a priority. u.n. inspectors don't want to give time to move the enrichment facility. iran said they never meant to keep it secret. but why is the facility in a tunnel. iran's top nuclear chief saying that the timing of the u.n. inspections can be worked out. >> we are in a state of shock and surprise because we really don't know what to do anymore. should we announce our facilities or not? whatever approach, we see the feature of gratitude is absent in western governments. >> in new york today meeting with the gulf state leaders, secretary of state clinton said welcomes iran's opening to inspectors. what they do next week with the u.n.
. cooperation. earlier in his first speech to the u.n. predent obama called for morecooperation. d he didn't minutes words. >> those who chastise america for acting alone cannot stand by and wait for americao solve the world's problems alone. >> reporter: in his u.n. address iranian president ahmadinejad didn'tention nukes. >> and those who have created the current disastrous situation continue tolame others. >> reporter: members of the u.s. delegation walked out president obama had already pressured both sides. >> we continue to call on palestinians to enden sightment against israel and continue to emphasize that america does not accept the legitimacy. >> reporter: many american say they trust barack obama borrows hi father was a muslim. even libyan leader moammar dhafi had warm words. now barack obama shifts his stage t the meeting of the world's wealthiest nation in pittsburgh and shifts his focus on the economy. steve handelsman, nbc news, new york. >>> in what will mark another historic first, president obama will chair meeting of the u.n. security council, the first time a u.s. presi
nstituted indiscrimite and deliberate attacks on iaeli civilis, the u.n. fact fding mission concluded. isra, accusedf directing i mitary operation athe people ga. ofhe direct targeting and artrary killing of civilians, the wanon destrucon o property. the former chief prosecutor from two u.n. criminal tribunal for the formerugoslavia and for rwanda led the four-man gaza investigation missio this afternoon in new yk judge richar goldsto of south africa pesented the findings of his 574-pagereport. >> there is stng evidence to establish that numerousserious violatio of international law, bo human tear and huma rights law, were coitted by israel during the military operatns in gaza. the mison concluded that actions aounting to war crimes and possibly insome respec crimes against humanity were mmitted by the israel defense force. turning to the palestinian-armed groups, there's no qution that e firing of rockets and mortars was delerate and calculated to caus loss of life and injuryto civiliansnd mage to civilian stuctures. th mission found that these tions also amount toerious war crimes and als
.m. in new york, where in just an hour's time, barack obama is to host a special meeting of the u.n. security council. on the agenda, long stalled plans to move to a world without nuclear weapons. that means nuclear-weapons states -- china, the u.s., russia, france, and the u.k., reducing their stockpiles, and curbing the ambitions of iran and north korea. the americans and russians have talked of further sanctions with iran if it fails to cooperate. china has opposed that move. we will be asking what is likely to come after barack obama's meeting. first a report from barbara plett. >> he has toasted in a new era of cooperation with the un. now president obama has another busy day of making good on that pledge, starting with hosting a special security council session on nuclear non- proliferation. gordon brown plans to flesh out the details of possible cuts to the national fleet of nuclear submarines. then he joins mr. obama to chair an international support group for pakistan. the main event will take place in this room, security council discussions on a resolution against nuclear weapons, a
ring talk. at the u.n. president obama says the world no faces more threats than ever before. and calls on other nations ring no carrier to step up. >> those who used to no carrier chastise america ri for acting alone no in the world cannot now stand by and wait for america to no solve the world's ring problems alone. ring >>> nuclear discussion. iran's president tells no katie couric he'll talk about nuclear no c issues, but iran's ring nuclear program will go no carrier ring no caron. >>> and aids vaccine. researchers call it a historic ri milestone, the first ever no carrier vaccine to prevent hiv infection. ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier this is the ring no carrier "cbs morning news" for thursday, september 24th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm might be shooe she will > gielan. we begin this morning with what's being described as ring a break through in the battle no carrier against a deadly ring aids novirus. for the f
-- powerful. was it more than that? with president obama in the chair for the first time the u.n. security council has approved a resolution aimed at a spread of nuclear weapons promoting disarmament and reducing the risk of nuclear terrorism. >> president obama talks about a world without nuclear weapons. a first from the american head of state, passing this resolution, it is designed as a symbolic start. at the moment eliminating nuclear weapons is a distant aspiration. urgently the security council is worried about iran getting them. >> today i believe that we have to draw a line in the sand. iran must not allow its actions to prevent the international community from moving forward to a more peaceful era. as evidence of its breach, we must now consider far tougher sanctions together. >> be israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, interviewed by abc news, believes that a nuclear-arms iran is a danger. >> to have the regime to acquire nuclear weapons, tomorrow they will be much stronger. something that threatens the peace of the world. it should not be allowed that happen. >> iranians p
-20 summit. >>> nuclear disarmament. today the members of the u.n. security council begin talks about expanding nuclear regulations. >>> a quick trip at what cost? how much we may have to fork over to be able to cut across two local counties. >>> good morning. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is thursday, september 24th. it is a hot day outside and kim martucci has the latest for you on that. >> jessica, good morning. i want to help you guys watching at home. you are already thinking of weekend plans. i want to tell you which day i would pick to do the outdoor stuff. if you can play hook key tomorrow that would be a good game plan. if not i would go with sunday afternoon. right now not too bad. in and out of clouds. we will call it filtered sunshine. no rain on the map yet but we have an unstable air mass on top and a lot of moisture in the area. you notice the humidity levels are higher since the beginning of the week. that said, i don't expect a lot of rain today but we could see a shower. at this hour, andrews air force base is 77. 72 inside the
at the annual u.n. general assembly meeting. that is always a lot of fun. i usually get there early and pack a picnic lunch. it corresponds to a deadline for iran to respond to a u.n. deadline. meanwhile, at the u.n. i didn't know they could dance that well at the u.n. i am beginning to think better of them all the time. trace, should the u.s. allow ahmadinejad in. >> should they allow tom delay on dancing with the stars is the question as well. the bottom line here is mahmoud ahmadinejad is against the clock again. he came here last year and said the jews are killers and now he is pushed up against the wall again. the presidential election didn't go as planned so now he is trying to reset the clock. he knows that he has an administration that wants to at least negotiate a little bit and talk about these things and he is thinking if i can reset the clock and say okay, we are listening, we are listening then he can keep going toward the goal of building nukes. >> how would you deal with this guy if he came to your country? i think it presents a problem for obama because obama passively in a w
became the first u.n. president to chair the u.n. security council and urges support that urges a nuclear-free world. >> i promise we will pursue a new agreement with russia to substantially reduce our strategic warheads and launches. >> he also ordered secretary of state clinton to rejoin talks on a test ban treaty ten years after a republican-led senate rejected it. >> we are glad to be back. >> in large part, the focus of the day was iran and stopping its uranium enrichment program. wednesday evening, president mahmoud jadz ahmadinejad accused the weapons council of using a pretext to oppress his country. >> of all the resources in the world, to impede the scientific and technological progress of other nations under the pretext of countering arms proliferation. >> on wednesday, benjamin netanyahu angrily waived the minutes of a 1942 paper on the eradication of jews and for the auschwitz death camp and he condemned the holocaust. >> the most urging challenge facing this body today is to prevent the tyrants of tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons are the members of the united nations up
can reduce h.i.v. infections. >> a unanimous u.n. security council adopts a resolution aimed at a world without nuclear weapons. can they lead the way to a global economic recovery? the g-20 summit convenes in pittsburgh. welcome to bbc world news, on pbs in america also around the globe. coming up later for you, it's not made of cheese but it does contain water. spacecraft discover moon moisture. and the best treasure hunt ever. a fortune in ancient gold and silver is unearthed in an english field. >> after 25 years of searching, the best hope yet has emerged of a vaccine for h.i.v., the virus that causes aids. researchers say their vaccine cuts the risk of one particular strain of h.i.v. infection by nearly 1/3. nothing before has been shown to give this limited protection. the trial on 16,000 volunteers in thailand is the biggest in the world. here's the bbc's medical correspondent. >> for a quarter of a simple, hiv-aids has brought havoc. dozens of vaccines have failed but now a glimmer of hope. it comes from the trial in this region of thailand which appears to show that
into the city for the opening session of the u.n. general assembly tomorrow. >> our operating premise here is that the city is at the top of the terrorist target list. that there are always those people that want to come here and hurt us. >> reporter: while no specific terrorist plot has been identified, the department of homeland security has been issuing bulletins to transit systems, hotels, and supports stadiums over the past few days, urging them to raise awareness and readiness. >> i think you're going to see a general heightening of security in a variety of areas. >> reporter: there were no new arrests today in the terror probe, but sources tell cbs news the f.b.i. is closely watching as many as a dozen people, katie. >> couric: armen keteyian, armen thank you. among the world leaders here in new york is president obama, making his u.n. debut today at a world conference on climate change. our chief white house correspondent chip reid is at the u.n. tonight. chip, can the president be anything other than the center of attention? can he do more with that? >> he sure would like to be, k
to the task? president obama chaired the u.n. security council, the first american president to do so today, and also won unanimous support for a legislation urging a nuclear-free world starting with america, but the problem is that resolution is non-binding, so what was accomplished today and what about the speechs? let's bring in the panel. steve hayes with "the weekly standard" and a.b. stoddard of the hill and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. charles, the president spoke today and today he was at the u.n. security council. what did he accomplish? >> nothing. this is surreal. as we speak, the irraunians -- the iranians are developing uranium and the american delegate at iaea announces that iran has enough uranium to construct a bomb. they are testing miss missiles, flouting all u.n. resolutions as are the north koreans and the response of america, the president of the united states, on camera, of course, presides over a perfectly useless meeting of the security council and passes a perfectly useless resolution airly declaring the end of nuclear weapons. look, my model u.n. in h
, according to a spokesman for the u.n. nuclear watchdog, quote, i can confirm on 21st september, iran informed the i-aea in a letter that a new pilot fuel enare richment plant is under construction. the agency also understands from iran that no nuclear material has been introduced into the facility. the i aea has requested iran provide access to the facility as soon as possible, but israel says there is already much that the iaea knows but isn't sharing. >> there are frindings that the iaea has about the nature of the iranian nuclear program that should be made fully available and they would reveal clearly that iran is out to develop a nuclear weapon. >> the national council of resistance in iran announced yesterday it has what it says is evidence shown here that iran also has two facilities in tehran, where it is making detonators for a nuclear weapon. >> they said there is one known place in tehran. there it is a five-story building with a gray facade that has no signs whatsoever, but is actually run by the defense ministry. >> u.s. defense secretary robert gates says that a militar
headquarters where he will run a u.n. security council meeting. the first time a u.s. president had done that in 10 years. that is happening at 9:15. later, the president along with british prime minister gordon brown will lead a friends of pakistan leaders meeting. tonight, president obama will head to pittsburgh to begin hosting the g-0 summit. thingget going for the working leaders of the 20 largest industrial nations. >>> the president delivered a strong message when he spoke to the u.n. general assembly yesterday. he challenged world leaders to step up because america can't solve global problems by itself. he promised that the united states would continue to cooperate as i global partner to other countries. >>> president obama's performance speech was virtually overshadowed by speeches from two controversial leaders. one of them there was moammar ghadafi and mahmoud ahmadinejad. that is coming up in just a few minutes. >>> later this morning, massachusetts governor duval patrick will announce his selection to fill the seat of the late senator ted kennedy. state lawmakers gave final
:00 eastern time right here on cnbc. >>> talk about getting kicked when you're down. the u.n. is looking to create a new, global reserve currency. the details and debate are up next. >>> and betting big on luxury cars. we're going to tell you who is racing out with new models targeting wealthy americans. i'm racing cross country in this small sidecar, but i've still got room for the internet. with my new netbook from at&t. with its built-in 3g network, it's fast and small, so it goes places other laptops can't. i'm bill kurtis, and i've got plenty of room for the internet. and the nation's fastest 3g network. gun it, mick. (announcer) sign up today and get a netbook for $199.99 after mail-in rebate. with built-in access to the nation's fastest 3g network. only from at&t. ♪ yes, you're lovely... ♪ what do you think? hey, why don't we use our points from chase sapphire and take a break? we can't. sure, we can. the points don't expire... ♪ there is nothing for me... ♪ there's no travel restrictions... we could leave tomorrow. we can't use them for a vacation. you can use the points
to afghanistan. -- the u.n. dumps its american deputy envoy. china marks years since the revolution. new discoveries about rom's nastiest emperor. -- rome's nastiest emperor. hello. the asia-pacific region has been hit by tsunami and earthquake. there has been a series of natural disasters in no more than 24 hours. 100 were dead after a tsunami. then, an earthquake hit the island of sinatra. it is not that thousands are trapped under the rubble. -- is nthought that thousands are trapped. >> thousands run out of their homes in panic after a devastating earthquake. the powerful tremors caused buildings to collapse. many homes, schools, hospitals have been effected. thousands of people could be trapped under these structures. the indonesian vicepresident warned that the death toll in this tragedy is likely to rise. the closest and largest town near the epicenter is the capital of sumatra. it is home to at least 900,000 people. rescue teams have been sent to the city but there are concerns that will not get there in time. indonesia is no stranger to tragedy on this scale but it's an emergenc
ago. by the time of his u.n. speech wednesday, the iranian president knew that his secret was out. the iranians in form to the u.n.. today they claim to the plant is not overt because they admit running it. >> the scale of what we believe is the breach of international commitments will shock and anger the international community. it will harden our results. >> the u.n. nuclear agency today demanded access to the plant. >> iran must comply with u.n. security council resolutions and make clear it is willing to meet its responsibilities as a member of the community of nations. >> the french president predicts tougher sanctions by december if iran does not back down. the u.s., the french, the british, and others will make that point in person to the iranians at a meeting scheduled for next week. once reluctant to back up for iran sanctions, the russian president went out of his way at the g-20 summit this morning to praise the leadership of president obama. steve handelsman reporting from pittsburg. >> the oldest serving senator in u.s. history is recuperating at home after being rele
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